Henry Da 9th

Music has and will always be a mysterious entity in this world. When one hears music it has an innate yet unmistakable power to instantly affect emotions and change the way we think. Henry Da 9th has never lost sight of this strength while collaborating with his various artists. Music is not only his passion, but is also an irrefutable tool that guides him through the most tumultuous times of his life. Music led him to leave his hometown of London, England and re-locate to New York.

Never afraid to deviate from the monotonous sounds of most contemporary music, Henry Da 9th brings a fresh sound to the hip hop industry. Da 9th had humble beginnings; working with various artists – Riley, Bones Malone, Tris Parris and Pleh! – he produced “The Epic,” his first project, while he was a high school student. The Epic sold over a thousand copies and made a huge impact within his local community, bringing a record number of fans to popular venues. After word began to spread, Henry and his team managed to perform alongside the Hip Hop Kidz group and the famed Wonder Twin DJs. Soon after, Da 9th and his artists commenced work on their second album, “The Epic Returns,” which generated radio play. Da 9th later recruited Florida artists, Kirkwood and Kimmi. These two artists were able to create a more unique and profound sound. Originally, Henry planned to stay behind the scenes and focus on music production, but as time went on, he found the confidence to add more to his music through song writing and vocals. Always moving forward, Da 9th is currently working with ECMG artist, Riley, on his new projects, “The Ruins EP” and “Bow Ties & Gold Chains.”

Not only is Henry wildly talented but he also works closely with prominent figures in the industry such as Tom Silverman at Tommy Boy Entertainment LLC, and celebrity DJ Donna D’Cruz at Rasa Music Inc, David and Norman Chesky at Chesky Records and HDtracks. After acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge of the music industry, Henry was able to start his own record label, English Channel Music Group (ECMG).

Whether it’s a love ballad, a rap song that sends a message or a club-banger that makes you want to dance, Henry Da 9th’s selection of music as a DJ guarantees all-around entertainment. Refusing to only indulge in one type of sound or to be bound by certain regions, Da 9th ensures he constantly remains diverse in order to be influenced by all genres. He is a determined young man who is extremely motivated and has an unparalleled will to succeed. His hard work and perseverance will result in people from every nation knowing the English Channel name.

ECMG is ready to become the future of music we’re in just in the process of redefining what it is and what it stands for!!

Live DJ Recording Samples:

A Henry Special Party Mix Sampler (Live DJ Recording) :


A Henry Special Party Mix Top 40 Sampler (Live DJ Recording) :


A Henry Special Party Mix Latin Sampler (Live DJ Recording) :


A Henry Special Party Mix 2014 Sampler (Live DJ Recording) :


A Henry Special Party Mix Top 40 Sampler (Live DJ Recording) :


A Henry Special Party Mix (Part 2) 2014 Sampler (Live DJ Recording) :


A Henry Special Party Mix: Girl Power Sampler (Live DJ Recording) :


A Henry Special Party Mix: Girl Power (Part 2) Sampler (Live DJ Recording) :



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