Carlos Abeyta

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Born and raised in a small town in northern New Mexico, Carlos Abeyta spent his life growing up and falling in love with music. At a young age he listened to his mother’s soothing voice singing everything from Patsy Cline to Black Sabbath. His early influences came from his uncle’s passion for rock and roll, leading to his fascination with Elvis Presley, and as time went on he began drawing inspiration from various Motown, blues, and R&B artists.

Carlos has always viewed music as an outlet for expression. Music has been, and continues to be, the center of his life; whether it’s picking up a new instrument to write a song or simply discovering something that makes life a little easier. Since moving to New York City in 2011, Carlos has gradually become more involved within the city music scene. After being featured on songs for online releases, he is ready to focus on developing his own sound and pursuing an individual musical career. Nothing drives him more than creating his own ‘masterpiece’ and sharing it with others. Carlos hopes that through his music he will be able to pay homage to those that have inspired him, as well as inspire others after him.

“There is nothing else in this world that I have had such a strong and profound relationship with than music (ok, and my family)” – Carlos Abeyta

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